Conquest of Avalon

No Matter the Cost

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The Kingdom of Avalon swept across the Empire of the Fox a generation past, conquering the heartlands and leaving the broken remnants to stew in the island duchy of Guerron.

This isn’t a story of Good versus Evil, of kindly kings doing their best to lift all subjects, or of unvarnished heroes doing battle against evil. 

Instead, this story is about power: who has it, who wants it, and what people will do to obtain it. It is about the violence inherent in the imperial project and how even the most well-intentioned rulers and conquerors are, still, engaging in systemic violence against those conquered and defeated.

Our three point-of-view characters are a peasant turned fire wizard, an excitable duelist with more enthusiasm than sense, and a scheming mage-priestess bent on reclaiming her family’s birthright and waging war on the foreign oppressors who rule her home… no matter the cost in blood or treasure.

Updates every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning here, with chapters posted to Royal Road as well under the username Husr.

The author can be contacted at conquestofavalon (at) gmail (dot) com

Under no circumstances may Epubs or PDF files of Conquest of Avalon be shared or disseminated publicly.

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