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Conquest of Avalon is a web serial, a story published across multiple installments, posted here once a week.

A story of intrigue, magic, and piracy, it begins in the wake of a brutal war, following the generation raised in its aftermath.

Seventeen years past, the Kingdom of Avalon invaded the Empire of the Fox from across the sea and conquered its capital, Malin, sending its rulers fleeing to the city of Guerron. The strange new technologies of the distant kingdom triumphed even over the power of the spirits, killing the Fox King and thousands along with him.

Though time has brought with it peace, resentments have only grown in the wake of this War of the Foxtrap. Refugees defiantly dream of the day they can retake their homeland as nobles plot behind closed doors, even knowing it would mean another war. Until then, those of Guerron must put forward a friendly face, plying Avalon with tribute and trade, lest the Kingdom resume its ambitions of conquest.

Updates every Tuesday here, with chapters later posted to Royal Road as well under the username Husr.

The author can be contacted at conquestofavalon (at) gmail (dot) com

Under no circumstances may Epubs or PDF files of Conquest of Avalon be shared or disseminated publicly.

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